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"The 7 Items Cruisers Always Pack but Never Use: A Cruise Tip Guide to Packing Wisely for Your Next Cruise"

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Cruise Items

After you been on a few cruises you start to notice something. You keep packing the same stuff over and over without ever using the items. Here are my Top 7 items that get packed that seem to never get used.

I feel this list is way too short but it will at least get you thinking while packing if you really need items or not.

#1 - Formal Wear

Cruise Tip 1 is that too Many cruisers bring more than enough formal attire for formal nights, but some find that the dress code is more relaxed than expected, or they simply

prefer to dine in more casual attire. I would say at the least bring a pair of long pants and I decent dressy shirt.

#2 - Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

While this is often recommended for storing small items in cabins with limited space, some cruisers find that they don't use it as much as they thought they would.

#3 - Travel Iron

Cruise Tip 3 is that Most cruise lines ( Maybe All ) prohibit irons in cabins due to safety concerns, so these often go unused. Not only are they unused, they also risk of being confiscated by the cruise line.

#4 - Full-Sized Toiletries

While it's nice to have your favorite products, cruise cabins often provide basic toiletries, and many people find they don't need to use their own. I feel like Shampoo is still something I carry with me. Also, if you ever sail on the Carnival Venezia they have an all in one soap that is not very good.

#5 - Cruise Tip 5 is Water Shoes

While useful for certain shore excursions, some cruisers find that they don't use them as much as expected, especially on cruises with limited beach or water activities. I would suggest asking your Travel Advisor ( US ) about the beaches and they would be able to let you know if you need them or not.

#6 - Too Many Outfits

You are not going to have 3-4 outfit changes a day. You may think you will but you will not. My finding was that I did not need to pack so many T Shirts because I am always buying them on the ship and in ports. So I can wear those while on board as well.

#7 - Snorkeling Gear

While great for destinations with excellent snorkeling, some cruisers find that they don't use their snorkeling gear as much on other itineraries. This would be another one that you should know if needed or not before leaving. Depends on Excursion and destinations.

Like I mentioned above, this is only a short list of many items people overpack. It's always a good idea to pack thoughtfully and consider the specific activities and dress codes of your cruise to avoid overpacking! I hope you save some room for souvenirs by rethinking what you really need for your cruise. Thanks For Reading.

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