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"Smooth Sailing: The 7 Must-Pack Essentials for Your Dream Cruise Adventure!"

Cruise Tips Items
Cruise Items

These 7 essential items will save you a lot of time, money, and stress on your upcoming cruise.

Just like with all my lists, this may not work for every cruise or even every cruiser. I do hope this gets you thinking of your own essentials list and will save you time, money, and stress on one of your upcoming cruises.

#1 - Sunscreen

Protect your skin from the sun's rays, especially if you'll be spending time on deck or exploring sunny ports of call. Nothing worse than getting sunburn on your first or second day. This is also an item that you will end up paying 10X more while on your cruise if you forget to pack. Even in ports the price is ridiculous. This tip will save you money and pain.

#2 - Swimsuit

You would think this is a no brainer, but I have seen it happen over and over. You counting out your pants, underwear, shirts, and socks for the week to make sure enough and forget all about the essentials like a swimsuit. Whether you're lounging by the pool or taking a dip in the ocean, a swimsuit is a must-have for any cruise. It may be difficult to find your size in a port so really recommend getting this in your suitcase first so you do not forget. Save yourself time and stress with making sure you pack your suit.

Cruise Packing Essentials

#3 - Comfortable Shoes

With so much to see and do on a cruise ship, comfortable shoes are essential. Consider packing a pair of sandals for the pool deck and a pair of sneakers for exploring onshore. I made this mistake before. I only packed slides and sandals.

#4 - Formal Cruise Attire

Most cruises have formal nights where passengers dress up for dinner. Be sure to pack appropriate attire, such as a dress or suit, so you can enjoy these special evenings. At the very least I

Cruise Formal Attire

would say have long pants and closed toe shoes. I also recommend formal attire because if you spend a decent amount in the casino you will get a free steakhouse dinner. The steakhouse is a little more strict about what you wear.

#5 - Medications

Don't forget to pack any prescription medications you take regularly, as well as over-the-counter medications for common ailments like seasickness or headaches. This one will save you lots of money. Do not wait till you need something to buy it. Similar to sunscreen, medications are 10x on ship than off. I always have small medical fanny pack type bag that includes Advil, aloe, seasick med, tums, gas-x, cold and flu, ammonium, and so on. It is so nice to have these available when needed and not have to pay 10x or not be able to find it.

cruise passenger

#6 - Reusable Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is important, especially in warm climates or after spending time in the sun. A reusable water bottle will help you stay hydrated while also being environmentally friendly. Also, the cups the cruise ships supply are tiny.

#7 - Day Bag

A small backpack or tote bag is handy for carrying essentials like sunscreen, a water bottle, and your cruise card when you're exploring onshore or lounging by the pool.


Like I mentioned above, this is only a short list of some essentials. It's always a good idea to pack thoughtfully and consider the specific activities and dress codes of your cruise to avoid time, money, and / or stress waste. I hope this list gets you thinking of an essential list yourself. Thanks For Reading.

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